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Monday - Saturday

I offer bespoke session in the fully equipped Pilates Studio both in Chippenham, Wiltshire and in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire.  Working with the spring loaded equipment gives you feedback and becomes a "part" of you so you can access your deep supporting tissue and learn to distribute your load throughout the entire fascial system.  Changing the workload helps you re-balance and re-store your tissues and postural harmony which brings you out of pain.

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Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

All my matwork classes/courses reference to Pilates' 34 exercises but with a modern fascial eye.  I offer Gentle/Beginners classes, an Intermediate class and an Advanced class.  The Advanced class is available in Studio and online.

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Bespoke teacher training  courses


I offer teacher training and further education to Pilates and teachers of movement in the UK and throughout Europe.  All my courses are designed with a "fascial" eye whether matwork or working with pilates equipment.  I offer a 5 day Intensive Matwork, a 2-day Connections through Movement, Transitional Studio Courses whereby students can bridge to working in the Studio with a greater focus and understanding of their fascial system.  I also offer half-day and day workshops on Hips, Shoulder Girdle, Introduction to the Fascial Body and Scoliosis.

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Available throughout the week

I am available for 1:1 or even group zoom sessions as and when available.  These sessions can be very useful as a "top up" or reminder of work learnt either in previous trainings or workshops, or indeed as an introduction to the fascial perspective. 

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