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The Art of Healthy Movement

As a well-renowned teacher of movement working from fully equipped studios Chippenham, Wiltshire and Bovingdon, Hertfordshire and as a visiting teacher to the USA and Europe, Fiona's main goal is to restore your mind/body connection, developing your own process for whole body health. Her practice has developed over the years and teaches to what she sees not what she expects. The Pilates spring-loaded equipment is so helpful to achieve a stronger, flexible more resilient body and mind because it supports you in movement enabling a re-distribution of load through your connective tissue (including fascia) so you can re-learn and re-pattern your movement to go about your everyday business without strain & stress.

If Pilates matwork or Yoga is more your thing Fiona can offer you classes with the same fascial focus.


She looks forward to seeing you soon.

Fiona in Tallin.JPG

"The mind when housed within a healthful body, possess a glorious sense of power."

Joseph Pilates

The Fascial approach transforms and deepens the technique, a true integration work where body and mind have to be in Harmony.

Aline, Majorca

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